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Naik Zebi releases ‘Tokim Me Stret’

As an artist nothing is more satisfying than going through a situation that affects you personally and then use your artform to express your inner most feelings and thoughts to the thrill and delight of people. Zebedee Kumpio aka ‘Naik Zebi,’ is one such artist who uses music to express himself. His latest number ‘Tokim Me Stret’ is a testament that he is getting better with every track he releases.
In this “Tokim Me Stret” narrative Zebedee tells the story of how he finds himself with trust issues in his relationships and love life. Things go alright today and breaks down the next moment and after a time it goes well again. He says “I Just want more honesty and truth in relationships that it prompted me to write the ‘Tokim me stret’ single.”

The 24 years old spends most of his time studying at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Papua New Guinea and also pursuers music with a passion. Naik Zebi made his debut on the national stage with his smash hit “Latina Nongo” back in 2018. The ‘Latina Nongo’ video raised eye brows but it’s all part of the development process the Southern Highlander is undergoing as a performer.

“Tokim Me Stret” is produced by DJ Bensix, the smaller brother of former Wanbel sounds studio front man, Late Nates Dee. Most people thought that Wanbel Sounds Studios would go into extinction when its founder, Nates Dee passed on due to illness but DJ Bensix has other plans. DJ Bensix collaborated with Naik Zebi to put together a track that might just turn out to be your number this Christmas.

DJ Bensix fuses slow acoustic genre with tropical tastes to bring to life Zebedee’s experiences. Sung in the Engal Hengen tokples of Lai Valley and Nipa in Southern Highlands, this track is a perfect for those who like to reminisce of the ‘gut times bipo, or those who just want to have a great time and those party keen goes who like to dance the night away to a contemporary local.

Music came naturally to Zebedee early in life. His mum had a guitar which he took a keen interest in when he was about 5 or 6 years old. One thing led to the next and here he is, an established musician in the country.

Like most musicans of SHP Naik Zebi looks up to Augustine Emil for his inspiration. Zebedee remembered when the ‘King of Highlands Music’ released his first album all those years ago. He was one of the first to buy the cassette at Best Buy in Mendi. He also bought a Panasonic radio just to listen to that album. He considers that Augustine ‘the Blaze’ Emil maiden album a master piece.
I think our Christmas number has just arrived in form of this Naik Zebi piece in collaboration with Wanbel Sounds presents ‘Tokim Me Stret’

Follow the link to download.