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Hon. Benjamin Mul and North Waghi DDA Initiates Process for Banz Town Market Infrastructure Development

In a promising move towards the realization of the Banz Town Market Infrastructure Development, the North Waghi District Development Authority (DDA) has taken a significant step forward by initiating the process for funding through the Department of National Planning & Monitoring. This development comes after a commitment was made by Minister for Finance and Planning Hon. Rainbo Paita establishing the much-needed market infrastructure at a cost of K20 Million.

Under the astute leadership of Hon. Benjamin Mul, the North Waghi DDA has wasted no time in taking action. In a ceremony held today, a cheque amounting to PGK257,600.03 was presented to the renowned Cane Construction Ltd, officially engaging them to spearhead this vital project. The payment made to Cane Construction will facilitate the creation of DTM Survey, detailed designs and accurate cost estimations for the market, thereby paving the way for eligibility to secure funding from the National Government.

Expressing gratitude to the dedicated team behind this endeavor, Hon. Benjamin Mul stated, “Thank you, team, for your support, and your continued commitment is crucial for us to successfully deliver this important project.” The North Waghi DDA is relying on the unwavering support of all stakeholders to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the Banz Town Market Infrastructure Development.

The establishment of the Banz Town Market holds immense significance for the region. Once completed, it is expected to stimulate economic growth and provide a platform for local farmers and traders to thrive. The market will serve as a central hub for buying and selling agricultural produce, as well as other goods and services, thus enhancing employment opportunities and fostering community development.

This groundbreaking initiative not only showcases the North Waghi DDA’s proactive approach to infrastructure development but also highlights the government’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens. With the bidding process now underway, the region eagerly awaits the successful fulfillment of this long-awaited project, which promises to be a catalyst for positive change.

As the North Waghi DDA continues to navigate the complex process of securing funding, the collaboration between government bodies, construction companies, and the local community remains vital. The collective effort will determine the ultimate success of the Banz Town Market Infrastructure Development, further solidifying the region’s position as a hub of economic activity and progress.

The North Waghi DDA’s bold move marks a significant milestone, ushering in a new chapter of development and growth for Banz Town and its surrounding areas. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the project are palpable, as stakeholders eagerly await the transformation that the market infrastructure will bring to their lives and the region as a whole.

With the wheels set in motion, it is now incumbent upon the North Waghi DDA and its partners to ensure the smooth execution of the project. The Banz Town Market Infrastructure Development is poised to become a shining example of effective governance and public-private collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of the people it serves.